Even as we slowly plummet towards a likely uninhabitable Earth post crossing 1.5 degrees Celsius, fossil fuels continue to dominate the global energy market, with less than one third of energy being generated through renewable sources.

In Bangladesh, renewable energy makes up a mere 3% of the total energy production ratio, a dire number, made even more grievous by the fact that we remain seventh on the list of countries most vulnerable to climate change.

Within Bangladesh’s renewable energy mix, solar energy makes up for 39.5% of the total share and has been stated as the fastest growing renewable energy sector in the country. Bangladesh also has the largest off-grid program in the world, with around 6 million Solar-Home-Systems (SHSs) functioning across the country.

In recent years, there has been more developments in the energy infrastructure, bringing in a surge of electric three-wheelers, ~ 2.5 million and rising, propelling us towards e-mobility. The E3W charging market is expected to grow up to 5 million EVs by 2025, a staggering YoY growth of 30%.

Making these vehicles cleaner and more affordable will lead to a decarbonized transportation sector, currently accounting for a major share of energy consumption in Bangladesh.

Collectively through our products and services in SOLbazaar and SOLmobility, SOLshare has been reducing 200mtCO2e annually.

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of clean energy are generated through these services annually.